A Day at a Time


Today has been so amazing. I can tell he’s really trying and it’s just making me so happy. We are in the process of trying to move closer to my family & different jobs have reached out to him for him to apply. I am so grateful that he is getting the ball rolling now rather than later so we can secure a job before the big move. Literally everything is falling into place but for some reason I still cant shake the fact he did what he did. I really want to push it to the side SO badly but I just can’t. I brought it up tonight before getting into bed. I asked if she has tried to message him on anything, since she is blocked on everything. He says she hasn’t, but how am I supposed to believe that? Girls are crazy. You tell a girl you love her and then randomly block her on everything without an explanation. She is going to find a way to contact you sooner or later. He says he will let me know if she does but doubts that she will. He told me he is grateful to be given another chance and that he is glad we are working things out. I should be too then. I should just push it out of my mind and act like nothing ever happened, right? Its the only thing to do for me to fully forgive him. Its time I put my best foot forward and move on. No more crazy thoughts or letting the negativity take over. It will get better and this year will truly be our year.

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