Turning Point


The last few days I didn’t think things were going to start to get better. I mean he wasn’t doing ANYTHING to show me how much he loved me or cared. Yesterday he did though, I slept in and woke up to breakfast & hot coffee. He did the kids morning routine and cleaned the house. Spent time with us and we took the dogs/kids out for a walk. He was actually putting in the effort I have been looking for this whole time. In an earlier post I mentioned how we were going through a rough patch. Well it has been super stressful for us financially with covid & me no longer working. That was causing us a whole lot of stress which caused even more problems. Being postpartum and having so much anxiety wasn’t helping anything either. We were just arguing all the time and not even having sex. God I missed the sex. He was slacking helping me with our kids and dogs. I mentioned to him before what needed to change and then this whole texting fiasco happened. Its like theres a whole new man I am married to, he really turned things around. I can see the change and I am loving it. Now lets just hope this all continues. Just four days in and this year is already looking better than last. *says with a smile & sarcastic tone*

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